How much does it cost to search for a job?

Every day, many job applicants invest a lot of energy in finding a job. However, this active research also has a financial cost not to be overlooked… It is quite difficult to quantify exactly the cost of a job search. That said, here is some information that could allow you to get an idea.

The printing of the different CVs

Mine of nothing, but the printing of resumes in paper format is a significant expense in the context of a job search. You should know that a person actively looking for a job must print at least a hundred CVs in order to submit them to human resources or recruitment managers of the various companies for a spontaneous application.

Travel expenses

As part of their job search, candidates often face more or less complex situations. For example, it is not uncommon for the company that agrees to interview them to be in another city, or even in another department. It is important to know that today’s job market has become very demanding, and candidates must comply with it if they really want to get the job in question and the salary that goes with it.

It will then be necessary to count a substantial sum to devote to the various trips. For those who have to travel by car, they will have to at least bring a full tank of gas for the round trip, a little less than a hundred euros for a single appointment.

Miscellaneous expenses

If you are looking for a job, know that the costs you incur in this search are much higher than you think. It is among women that budgets are the highest. Indeed, women tend to make large purchases of clothes and accessories to go to different job interviews. Inevitably, when fifteen-euro scarves and thirty-euro jackets accumulate, it makes a certain package!


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