How much does it cost to print a magazine brochure?

With the advancement of communication systems and advertising, a magazine brochure is an effective way to make yourself known and put in a single medium the information about your activities. If you have never had the opportunity to have one printed, the following tips will be helpful.
Print your magazine brochure with a professional!

For such a service, it is better to use the services of a professional andĀ having a magazine brochure printedĀ is currently available online.

The cost of printing depends on several parameters, namely the type of paper that will serve as a support. We can mention a few, in this case the “standard matte coated” paper which is the most classic in printing with a grammage between 135g and 175g and a cover of 300g with lamination; “recycled” paper that appeals to environmentalists; and the “Olin Regular” whose high-end quality is highly recognized.

But this price also depends on the format, essentially in open A4 to get a closed A5, and open A3 to have a closed A4.

One of the main parameters is the number of pages which is usually between 6 and 80 pages, but also the number of colors to use.

As for the tariff itself, the evaluation is done in batches and copies. Thus, a batch of 4 copies costs about between 76 and 99 euros, taking into account the parameters mentioned above. The price is decreasing according to the lots ordered.


The best arrangements to take

Admittedly, with the amount of information that must be included in your booklet, these few pages are not enough, and you will not be able to insert all the details. So, you need to adopt strategies to design a commercial brochure.

Thus, six steps are the best steps for the design of your booklet. You must first define a specific plan: aesthetics, cost and number. Then comes the choice of the format that must be the most functional for easy wearing and easy accessibility. You should also make the effort to offer concise and direct information with links that will allow customers to view your offers on the Net.

Do not forget that attracting the attention of your targets and potential customers is rather difficult, so it is essential to choose your messages well and they must be as relevant as possible with well-appropriate images, a touch of modernity crowns everything. Like all documents, you must proceed in stages with a few steps in reading: a catchy title, a simple and short introduction, a precise and congruous writing and an incentive conclusion.

And so that the reading is not tiresome, you must affix illustrations adapted to the messages. If you have the possibility, vary the colors without compromising reality.


Optimize your communication with beautiful support

Choosing a magazine brochure as a communication medium and as a means of advertising has become essential.

The catalog in marketing is important to reflect the image of your company, only, with the tougher competition, with the technology more developed in digital and with customers who demand more innovations, it is more than essential to revisit the design of this medium to better “offend” the public.

Then put on your booklet with new covers, give it new designs and titillate the interest of your target audience with the formula “magalogue”!


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