How much does it cost to migrate an e-commerce site?

Choose a new base for your online sales activity or use a new CMS to support the expansion of your business: whatever your good reason, migrating an e-commerce site is a step not to be neglected.

But migration comes at a cost: they are specialized service providers that allow e-merchants to migrate safely.

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What is the migration of an e-commerce site?

E-commerce migration involves moving your entire site to a new platform or host. This process may be necessary to improve your performance by choosing a new, more optimal solution on topics such as SEO, responsive design, maintenance, loading time, ability to handle traffic and security peaks, etc.

The price of the migration varies according to the different needs and expectations of the e-merchant, but also the services provided by the migration solution.

The different stages of the migration of an e-commerce site

Migration planning and strategy

By taking the time to plan each step of the process, the migration solution will minimize the risk of downtime for your customers and maximize the benefits of this transition.

Development and design of the new site

This phase allows you to design a new user experience that is faster, more intuitive and more engaging for your customers. By working with a team of professionals, you can be sure that your new site will be at the forefront of e-commerce trends.

Data and content migration

This allows you to transfer your customer data, products, images and content to your new site. This is an important and decisive step that must be carried out by professionals.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Whether your base site is well referenced or not, the migration should be accompanied by a redirect plan for your different URLs.

It will also be an opportunity to optimize your online presence by choosing the best providers. Before migrating your site, your partners will do the complete audit of your site to improve your base and then work on your pages on your new platform. For your part, you can choose a solution whose SEO base is healthy to allow you to host your business on a site with potential already installed in terms of SEO.

Factors influencing the costs of migrating an e-commerce site

The size and complexity of the site

The more pages, listings, categories, blog posts your site has, the more options the migration will have and therefore additional costs.

Required features and customizations

If you want to integrate modules to develop or improve your existing content with the help of professional knowledge, this can influence the overall price of the migration.

The choice of the e-commerce platform

Open Source or SaaS? Depending on the type of development of your old site and/or your new online store, the migration will be different and must be carried out either on your own or with a partner and integrated provider. The price will be different if you migrate for example from WooCommerce to Shopify, Magento to Wix or PrestaShop to Squarespace.

How to know the exact cost of migrating an e-commerce site?

Difficult to give an exact figure… It can vary between a few hundred euros and several tens of thousands of euros.

The migration of your e-commerce site may seem cumbersome and complex, but fortunately, there are specialized companies that can help you in this essential stage of your expansion.

To know exactly the migration price of your e-commerce site, you can request quotes from specialized providers and compare offers. By taking the time to compare the hosting options available, you can migrate your site with confidence.

Warning: do not choose your migration at a discount! Indeed, if this work is partially successful, it will be the sustainability of your online sales business that will suffer. Be vigilant and focus on the quality of service, an investment that will have great consequences in the long term!

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