How much does a stainless steel honey extractor cost?

Taking care of one or more beehives requires a lot of will and materials. Whether you are professional or amateur, being a beekeeper requires some knowledge such as choosing a honey extractor for example. To get some, here is some basic information about stainless steel extractors, very famous and effective.

A quarti stainless steel extractor

This model of honey extractor is specially designed for amateur beekeepers. It is currently selling very well, as more and more households are setting up a few hives at home to be able to extract homemade honey and thus contribute to the great decline of bee colonies that this world encounters today.

The quarti extractor is suitable for up to 5 hives. All the parts comprising it are generally made of stainless steel. Only the gear and transmissions are made of steel. The lid is made of plexiglass to bring a little aesthetics to the material.

The stainless steel manual extractor

This kind of honey extractor can simultaneously extract honey from four rising frames and two dadant body frames. This stainless steel model is really easy to use. That is how it works. A steel gear under the crankcase causes a tank to rotate. The movement makes the honey of the frames take off. It is then enough to turn the crank for 50 to 100 revolutions to succeed in its manual extraction.

Despite the fact that it is unprofessional, this stainless steel model is very robust. The various spare parts constituting it are also very easy to find on the market. Several sellers claim to have a lot in stock. Its maintenance is then quite easy.

The cost of a stainless steel honey extractor

Like any product, the price of a stainless steel extractor can vary depending on the brand chosen. However, there is not much price difference. To give you an idea, you should plan between 300 to 400 € on average.

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