How much do management tools cost?

Entrepreneurs and freelancers equip themselves with management tools to optimize their tasks. While some are imperative for the organization of missions, others are necessary to facilitate the work. Programs are then integrated into the server, applications are downloaded and highly solicited by freelancers.

Management tools, the “essentials”

If these software were “luxury” for some companies, especially SMEs and consultants working in wage portage, new versions have allowed them to provide their management with essential tools for speed and performance. Thus, these tools are, in general, adapted to all functions. These include “Enterprise Resource Planning Systems” which are a versatile formula that covers production, reporting, sales and other functions.

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There is also the “CRM”, essential for customer management, including online invoicing of which is a reference site. It is a tool for self-employed businesses to speed up billing services. Software for “project management” is used to organize tasks and “fine-tune” your projects. And finally, there are the “mailing and online marketing” tools that take care of communication with suppliers and customers.

How to choose them?

Manufacturers and designers of software and programs abound on the market, but you must know how to choose a tool according to your needs and the size of your business, criteria among others. A few tips are helpful in choosing one. Your tool must then have simple, fast and complete functionalities. A management tool must also be designed according to the legal and conventional rules of entrepreneurial work and it must be “up to date”.

A tool for personnel and payroll management must integrate all procedures related to Human Resources, namely paid leave, bonuses, absences and others. As the Nominative Social Declaration or DSN is now mandatory, the tool you use must be automatically adapted to this process. The administrative situation of each employee is unique, the tool must have the ability to recognize each one to offer accurate data.

It is recommended to use a tool developed in SaaS mode that assimilates French social legislation in all its complexity, and that offers a simple and fast use. It is necessary to choose a powerful tool that will be recognized by its security system and its technicality. And above all, it is necessary to know the history of the brand and the prestige of the manufacturer.

An access that will have a… cost

If these management tools are essential, even imperative, they are rather effective. Some are quite accessible to be easy to use, but the “catch” is often the cost which is quite exorbitant. The ERP or “Enterprise Resource Planning System” is distinguished by its rather high acquisition cost and so is maintenance. The price of the CRM is composed of the cost of the license and that of the subscription, that of maintenance and integration as well as the cost of the infrastructure, all giving a total cost between € 5,000 and € 15,000, if the tool is designed with a SaaS system or not.

As for the “Supply Chain Management” or SCM tool, access is no longer reserved for large companies, it is optimized for companies of smaller size and specificities with a rather limited cost. The “Human Resources Information System” (HRIS) requires a rather high budget that can reach € 10,000, but thanks to the “Cloud Computing” concept, SMEs will have access to the rental of several tools.

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